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11/03/07 | 16:08PM
The F*** with Verizon

Ok so to make a long story short, I finally was able to get a cell phone. My dad and I were talking about switching his plan to another provider, since I've had lovely experiences with verizon before from my 16 years on this earth.
AT&T perhaps? What about Altell? Nope. My dad would have to pay a termination fee, even though his contract was up a month before verizon said it was. Dad had his bills that proved it, but the fucktards at verizon wouldn't do anything.
Great. I sat inside on a rainy day thinking how awesome it would be to have the shittiest, morally liquidated service that is verizon.
So off to the phones. I liked the W385, dad liked the Razr V3m. We ordered, I got mine and dad got his. I hated the 385. Dad liked his Razr.
We called up Verizon and reminded them about the 30 day switch phone warranty they promised us when we started the shareplan. Philip helped us only after having a fucking cow. I ordered a Razr.
I got my Razr, it literally froze every single second. The middle button stuck. Every feature was destroyed from verizon's crappy software and coding. So I hacked it. I fucking hacked it out of sheer misery and frustration, then restored it.
I got Yolanda on the phone this time. She was nice and helpful, a rarity for verizon.
Anyway, I told her about the razr. No problem, no problem, she said. But Dad wouldn't get credit for it. So what, Yolanda, my dad gets billed 200 fucking dollars for a phone that didn't work?? Great company, great company. Even his rebates didn't go through.
I got so fucking fed up I ordered a Chocolate. My friend had one, and I saw that verizon hadn't destroyed everything about it, so I snapped and got it. It came yesterday. I love it. $150 I don't have. Verizon charged me $150 after I dealt with a faulty phone.
Anyway, here I sit with my chocolate, dreaming of the day I get to unlock it and escape from verizon hell.
If anyone from verizon reads this, I am not JUST a dissatisfied customer. I shudder every time I hear the name verizon, or commercials. I tell everyone I know how utterly unethical and horrible this company is.
Way to go, Verizon. Way to fucking go. I hope your retarded company goes bankrupt, which it will.

- Verizon H8er ID: 188C46

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03/01/18 | 16:19PM
Downgraded to zero for cursing. We may update if you edit but don\'t count on it buddy boy!

Epstines Mother - Verizon H8er ID: F2CA5A

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