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11/07/07 | 17:33PM
Your problem is our problem the 21st time you call

Having trouble on 2 Razor V3's in getting calls to ring on phone and not go to voice mail (problem is intermittant). Went to store 4-5 times, had my software updated (when it didn't need it). Finally sent letter to President's office of VZ. Get call: don't worry, we'll do something. They hook me up with a CS agent on line and we check the phone, dial *228 and such. They tell me to get the new software that's dated this June or July. Monday Nov 7 I have software updated and Tuesday I go two counties north from NYC and my phone says 'no service'. Works fine in NYC but it seems that Putnam/Dutchess is now a foreign country. Go into VZ this AM (Wed), explain problem: Tell them that president's office has promised me a new phone if this stuff doesn't work. Idiot woman offers me a new phone for $54. I put my hands around my mouth like a megaphone and say-softly--"I don't want to hear about new phones, I want this problem solved" Don't shout she says. Get the mgr, say I.

Mgr comes and I explain what's going on: they installed software and now the phone is AFU. Please don't use that word, he says, Well, I say, I'm sure you've used the word and here I am after you fixed a problem, you're fixing it again. What should I do: We can split the difference on a new phone: HEY--I'm getting a free phone if this doesn't work , why would I want to pay for one? I walked out. Must be nice to be a semi monopoly and not have to care about customers, just rake in the dough, promise service and give none.

- Verizon H8er ID: 6DF5A7

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