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11/20/07 | 8:25AM
Overcharging me...and I get blamed!

We have a three line family plan. I go to school in NC while my family is in NJ. We're constantly going over and I'm constantly getting blamed. Well, today is the first new day of our cycle. I made one, count 'em, ONE phone call. The person didn't answer, I left a message. That takes what, one, maybe one.10seconds so I'd get charged for two minutes? But according to *611 and online, I've used 6?????? WTF?????

Where did those magical four minutes come from? You can scroll through my phone list and see I made only one call. This is why I hate Verizon.

Another issue is that I'll check my minutes and see we're getting close to going over and I'll stop using the phone...but still we go over! I checked and we had used 730 (up from 645 the night before) and DID NOT USE THE PHONE. It went up to 753!! Where do all this supposed calls go? Who the hell am I calling? Do I sleep-call people? WTF.

I hate verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: AB7552

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