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11/22/07 | 5:47AM
New low for bad tactics

My bill was past due from last month, first time, and I decided that I would pay it when I paid this months bill. Business is off due to the fires here. Verizon systematically started calling me, sometimes 10, 12 times a day, never leaving messages, but the number on caller id was theirs. I could not pay my bill until I got paid, so I called them to explain why. My total bill was due today, and I paid the toatl today. First, last Monday, they cut off my caller ID, leaving a digital message saying that the changes I had ordered had been completed, in a febile attempt to get me to call them, I guess. Then today, they cut off direct tv, and didn't even bother to see if I'd paid my bill! I work long hours, and when I got home and called them, the billing department, which locked my account, so nothing can be done with out their permission, is closed until Friday. Good thing I am working Thanksgiving, and not planning on watching TV, or screening my calls. Verizon teaches their employees to be Nazis

- Verizon H8er ID: C3E86E

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