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11/23/07 | 19:30PM
A bunch of dried up douche bags

I'm drunk right now. I grabbed a bottle of wine and downed it Because of the stress that Verizon causes me. I work there. In a call center. I just can't believe the inefficiency... the vengeful nature that management has against us because we are union.... Don't get me wrong it's a good paying job... but that is the ONLY good thing about it. I feel that I am being singled out... maybe it is against other folks than just me.. but it's sure hard not to take it personally... when your whole life is taken from you...I can't even have a friggin holiday off. I'm not sure if there is a special call queue for those employees they'd like to get rid of. As you might know, verizon worships "call average handle time" which means the customer loses out and we are forced to do whatever possible to get the off the line whether the problem is fixed or not. So they keep calling back over and over because none of these de-humanistic douche-bags will really fix their problem. But I swear that they have some special department to destroy the credibility of service associates by making up scenarios that are the most insane imaginable to target a single rep... or maybe it's because verizon equipment and procedures are just that screwed up (I still find in unbelievable). This is not what I signed up for.... I expected this company to "have it together" and be a great place to work but boy have I found out the hard way. Like I mentioned earlier, the money is AWESEOME but is it really worth all my time and my soul? Verizon will succeed due to the shear force of capitol alone, not customer satisfaction. It's the old ma bell monopoly mentality shining through. I would love to take over and make verizon into something great. The innovation and technology is there to take mankind into an era of unparalleled grandeur. I'd like to fire every one of those scheming bean-counting ignorant unproductive management motherfuckers and lay some new ground rules right now! We will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and therefore increase our revenue. Does this not sound simple? Is the customer not what keeps us alive? A happy customer tells his/her neighbors about the service. The neighbor signs up for the service. They neighbor gets superior customer service and tells his cousin... and so on. I would make verizon take over the world with it's ultra fast efficient and reliable fiber optic service. I would take all those vile narcissistic management pieces of douche and have them living in fucking shit smeared cardboard boxes with their worthless proletariat progeny where they belong. I want to have pride in where I work. I want to be able to say "I fucking work for verizon motherfucker!" and have looks of respect from all within earshot. I want to represent an empire... not an EVIL empire. I want to do what is right for the customer and the company. I want to make Ivan Seidenberg the richest man in the world... and do it in a moral way! Strength and honor baby! We should be a strong company... a noble company... a moral company... we should make our customers love us... and sign up for more services... and tell their friends just how awesome we are. I WANT verizon to be successful because there is so much potential here! But nothing in this world is worse than WASTED potential! NOTHING! So if you happen to call in and get me on the line, I'm going to fix your problem. I'm going to solve all verizon's problems by doing the right thing in the face of all of management wishes! This company will be the alpha and the omega and I will make it so god damn it! If I work here it's going to be the best! I'm going to take over like napoleon did and make sites like this useless because Verizon is going to so rock baby! Those cable companies are going out of business because I'm going to make this work like nobody else can!

- Verizon H8er ID: 66FCF8

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