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11/30/07 | 20:52PM
I Hate Verizon

I have lost two hours of my life on the phone to verizon customer service in the last few weeks. Why should this be, I'm no longer even a customer? I left verizon when we moved (though I am still stuck with their crappy wireless network ... but that's another story). Then months later we get a letter from a collection agency that we owe them money for the last bill (which was paid). So I call and fight with them on the phone, and this is finally removed. Then two weeks later we get another letter from a collection agency for an unexplained charge. After two 30 minute phone calls, it turns out they charged us for not returning the wireless equipment. Now when they gave it to us, they said if you keep the service for more than a year you can keep the modem. And when we moved, they said don't worry you don't need to send it back.

Anyway, so I finally get that taken off, and what happens, we get a bill in the mail from verizon for the amount of the freaking wireless equipment. They flat out lied and put it back on the account. So after screaming at the indian woman for 20 minutes to transfer me to someone who speaks english, they then transfer around within the verizon system until I finally get a person who knows what the hell they are doing and get it removed again. Let's see how long it stays off my account this time.

- Verizon H8er ID: 439876

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