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12/02/07 | 0:42AM
You Gotta Believe

Ok, I can totally agree with some comments. Before FiOS came out you could call Verizon and get something handled in a reasonable amount of time. Now that FiOS is out and widespread, forget it. Long wait times, freshly hired oakies, and every possible frustration. Here is one thing that impressed me, although no one on this site will budge. Is that Verizon in my area BERGEN COUNTY NEW JERSEY, OAKLAND TO BE PRECISE! I'm not afraid to let you know where I am, I want you to know that I'm my area and quite possibly the NYC metro area Verizon is sending out mailers and letters to customers flat out saying. We know that we did not hire enough staff to support FiOS as we did to sell it. We know that you have had much difficulty and we are truly sorry and we are in the process of training and hiring many more Verizon call reps to handle your inquiries and tech support problems. So in this case I will believe them, because I am in love with their FiOS service. Blows cablevision out of the water, completely.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1155D2

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