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12/05/07 | 15:47PM
I Hate Verizon!!!

First of all let me say thank you for creating this website.
I hate Verizon. But you already knew that, didn't you?

I moved into this house four and a half years ago. There have been occasional problems with the line. Sometimes the phone doesn't work for a short while, and sometimes it takes the DSL down with it, but not always. The only thing I noticed was that it used to be more so in the summer, maybe on a very hot day, or maybe when the weather was changing seasons.

But three weeks ago in November it has all come to a head. The short periods without phone service have turned into days. It comes on, it goes off..and maybe it will come on again for a little bit and then it's over. I have called (when the phone is working, that is), I have emailed. Yesterday we had the fourth VerizaMoron here. He seemed to think he fixed the problem. HA! And just what does this guys seem to think he knows that the first three idiots didn't? He left and an hour or so later, the phone stopped working, yet again. Every day I email. I send my husband to work and ask him to call. Same old crappy story, different day. "We'll try to send someone out. We can't make any promises." What's really gotten to me now is the fact that we have pretty much been totally without service now for 6 days, and counting----and they can't seem to send someone---OR MORE THAN MORE IDIOT--out early enough in the day to fully commit to locating the issue and conquering it. Brainless, useless customer service.

Let me say that I have one of the big Verizon Freedom packages. I pay for this and never wanted to become a big cell phone user. That's just my perogative. I only own a pay-as-you-go cell phone, which costs more to use.

I love when they leave messages on my home voicemail telling me when they might be able to come fix it. No time of course, just the day. Like I can sit around here all day with my thumb up my ass waiting for them. But leaving messages in a voicemail box that I can't exactly access at the moment (I refuse to call from my cell phone! Why the f*** should I???) I am only able to check the voicemail in a short period when the phone might suddenly decide to come on again!

Anyway, on Day 4 of this current no phone situation, they send me an "Inside Tech." He fiddles with the NID and tells me to give them 24 hours. He says he's gotta send someone else since he's the inside guy.
24 hours pass. Day 5. I email them. I get messages left on my line that I don't hear until the next day, or hours later. "We'll try to have it done by NOON TOMORROW.
Still Day 5, and that 4th moron I mentioned earlier arrives and confidently tells me he fixed some frayed wires. He thinks he's sorted it out. We have a hour or so with phone, and then it's gone. I email them. --You know, they DON'T EVEN EMAIL BACK. My husband asked them about this on the phone yesterday. Apparently, they supply DSL capabilities, have an email center where you can report a problem, but they "ARE UNABLE TO REPLY TO EMAIL." HOW f'd up is that????????????? So instead, they call me where I'm unable to retrieve messages. Oh, and Yes, I had given them my cell number on the first email I sent 3 weeks ago. But apparently that file is closed now, and there seems to be no running access to records, so they don't have my cell number currently, which is really just fine because they seem to just do nothing but leave me a bunch of useless prerecorded messages, or perhaps one or two from an actual human whom I could never track down again even if I wanted to so what is the point of giving them my cell number anyway?

I was so angry about this last night I couldn't sleep...I'll admit. I'm on the verge of temporarily changing my pay-as-you-go to a contract phone, if only for a month. And I can tell you this. Once I get all the credit that I can applied to my bill, I'm switching to Vonage for my home phone. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to Verizon over the years and this is the best they can do for their customers. Ridiculous. The best part is on top of this incomprehensible excuse for service I've been getting the business office argues with me and my husband about the situation, and giving me any credit towards my pay as you go phone, which I have had to use when forced to.

For God's sake, if you have Verizon, do me a favor and help this situation by NOT GIVING THEM ANYMORE OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. THEY SIMPLY DON'T DESERVE IT.

Thank you for providing an outlet for my frustrations. I just hope someone reads this.

- Verizon H8er ID: E187D1

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