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12/12/07 | 1:31AM
please god, smite verizon DSL

I had a dry-loop DSL line from Verizon. (Dry-loop means I had DSL service but not voice service-- no phone line, just data.)
There was evidently a one-year contract on the rate I was getting-- 14.95/month, plus taxes; the bill came to 24$ each month. However, that was for Verizon's "slow" DSL service, which according to independent speed testing, barely topped 56K anyway. Not much better than dial-up. *Sigh*

Eight months into this contract, I moved into a new house. When I called Verizon to have my service transferred, they said they don't offer "high speed" at the new location. The first customer disservice rep told me that because Verizon doesn't offer DSL there, I DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY TERMINATION FEE to end my contract. I can't take my service with me, so that's that.
However, I was told to call back on the date I wanted my DSL shut off to cancel it, since Verizon can't schedule a shutoff.

I called back a few days before I finished moving. The first rep I spoke with agreed that I didn't have to pay any termination fees, and she transferred me to Michelle Decker, the cancellation manager, because "managers have to handle cancellations". Ms. Decker contradicted what the other reps told me-- she said I had to pay the 79$ termination fee, regardless of the fact that I couldn't take my DSL service to my new address (Not that I wanted to, really, but I didn't want to pay that fee.)

I argued with Ms. Decker for a while, and then I finally told her NOT TO CANCEL MY SERVICE and I wanted her to mail me a copy of my contract/terms-of-service agreement, so I could review in writing what I had agreed to almost a year ago. She said she would, and then I hung up on her. About a week later, my DSL was shut off (although Verizon had a record of me saying specifically KEEP THE SERVICE ON), and I never got my contract.

I received a bill for the termination fee, and I paid it so that my credit wouldn't get jacked.

However, I'm filing a complaint with my state attorney general. I want that fee amount returned.

Oh yeah, when I got the bill for the termination fee, it had a different account number than the one that was used when I actually had service. I made a note on that bill that this was NOT my account number. How is that legal? They just make stuff up all over the place.

- Verizon H8er ID: 97F158

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