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12/15/07 | 0:38AM
employee verification

verizon is the most corrupt phone company in the land. as an employee i can vouch for this. they mistreat their customers and employees. managers do not want you to fix customers problems ,they just want you off the phone in 2 minutes or less whether the problem is fixed or not. managers encourage employees to pass problems on to the next department or if you are a technician, they want you to do a band aid approach which usually never lasts long. the best thing to do is to drop verizon services directly but also email or call the corporate offices listed on verizon.com and let them know that you dropped them. this goes in their ass ten miles and it is sweet justice. and to all the verizon managers, you are all scum bags who deserve no less than a good ass whoopin. remember the motto, verizon is scum

- Verizon H8er ID: 4A5182

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