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12/15/07 | 21:41PM
Verizon VoiceWing isn't even provided by Verizon!

Verizon totally sucks. Like a fool, I switched my second line over to VoiceWing back in June, then after a few months, it stopped taking incoming calls. Tech support had me reset the ATA, and then nothing worked. Did all the basic stuff like reset/reboot the ATA/modem/router, etc. Still broken. Couldn't get anyone in tech support who even had a basic clue about how the service operated, and what my problem was. The were simply working mindlessly off a script. Attempting to escalate to a supervisor or second line support was futile. They also refused to correspond via email, which I would have been happy to do, given I actually work for a living, and can't spend hours all day on the phone debugging their problem.

After two weeks and no service, I just canceled, and refused to pay their termination fee. My next stop was going to be the state utility commission or attorney general's office. Their handling of my situation was incredibly poor.

Turns out VoiceWing isn't even delivered by Verizon, but instead a whole VoIP provider called DeltaThree, that appears to be going out of business (check their financials). It's amazing Verizon has put its brand on such a poor service offering. Unless, of course, they're trying to frighten subscribers away from adopting VoIP.

I'm switching to Comcast Digital Voice, which is what I should have done in the first place. Plus, I'm switching over my primary line, which is going to cost Verizon about $600 in service revenue that mostly flows through to their bottom line. Everyone who has a high quality alternative to Comcast should do the same!

- Verizon H8er ID: 419374

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05/10/08 | 23:00PM
I transferred my number from a real phone company to them to save some money. Things were fine until I had a problem.
My ATA died.
I called, they sent me a new one with NO INSTRUCTIONS.
I installed the ATA, went to my account page and attempted to update the "MAC ADDRESS" on my account to show the MAC ADDRESS of the new ATA. The system did not accept it.
I called, the technician attempted to update the account with the new MAC address. Did not work for him either. Her tried and tried, called me back and said it was done. No dial tone.
I was on the phone for 3 hours, they could not get it to work.
Called again the next day, got escalated but could not talk to the TECHNICAL SUPPORT or IT department.
Called about 4 times a day. NO DIAL TONE FOR A WEEK.
Send about 400 emails, not a single reply back.
No one on their phone line could tell me if TECHNICAL SUPPORT had even looked at my problem.
These people are utterly incompetent.
The people on the phone told me that TECHNICAL SUPPORT was too busy to help me. I did not have a dial tone in a week and phone company said we are too busy to help you. What were they doing? Sitting in a circle, pleasuring themselves??????
Pay a little more, get a real phone.

Thank you for submitting your feedback!

- Verizon H8er ID: 723D95

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