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11/13/12 | 4:57AM

I do not even have the effing service installed yet! The tech came out unhooked my phone and I have had no phone service for 2 weeks now. Seriously who does that? Oh wait I know, Verizon. I called back and made an appointment after explaining that the tech did not complete the install, we have no internet kit( even though supposedly it was mailed out. The agent i talked to made me an appointment 3 days from when I called, an 8-5 window which was super convenient. Finally Friday, the day of the appointment rolls around, I call to make sure someone is still coming since it was like 3:00pm, agent I talked to ENSURED me I had an appointment and someone would be out by 5:00. He lied. 6:30 pm, no one has showed up yet, I call back get put on hold 38029389021 times and have to speak to someone in India ( no offense but it was really hard to understand what he was saying) this person told me that I never had an appointment? Really? Assholes. So after depleting my cell phone minutes for the entire frigging month they still have no answer for me and do not understand that I just need an actual appointment for a tech to come out and install my phone and internet or at the very least just fix my phone. No dice. I kept getting disconnected and then put on hold. I still have no phone service, no one seems to be able to help me and the whole live chat thing is a waste of time. I am keeping comcast, verizon can suck it.

Courtney. A - Verizon H8er ID: 063AAB

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