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11/13/12 | 19:05PM
Verizon omitting landline Sandy damage?

Is Verizon under prioritizing their landlines and/or ASSuming the loss of fios services are simply a matter of power?

I seem to be only seeing pr on the wireless network with little or no mention of landline. Yes power is an issue but you can't tell me downed lines aren't a problem in many areas or it was only the local power companies that failed to do regular pole maintenance or tree trimming. I heard sending techs to the NJ/NY area but again I only see mention of wireless techs.

Verizon isn't even giving outage information or progess.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE2BA4

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11/15/12 | 15:48PM
First of all.....because of all the damage done by the storm i'm guessing there are many utility poles that need to be replaced. Depending on the agreements made over the years by the utility companies, poles may be set by either the electric company OR the phone company. Second, once a pole is set the first utility to transfer it's lines to the new pole in ELECTRIC. If you have any common sence you would understand why. They are at the TOP of the pole. Once they transfer then the top portion of the pole is cut down to just above the next utility and so on.

So bottom line is the phone lines....being the lowest on the pole are the LAST to transfer over to thew new pole. You don't just do this overnight. Many safety issues have to be addressed first and work has to be coordinated between all the utilities. Besides, a great majority have cell phones now so a land line MAY not be the end of the world for a lot of people.

Former Vz manager and tech - Verizon H8er ID: 380C95

11/15/12 | 16:23PM
I understand the problems with electric & safety and storm damaged pole replacement. And that individual utilities must clear their lines.

I'm still unclear on pole inspections and replacement. Grandfathered agreements are one thing. But during normal times who would be responsible for pole maintenance-the user or owner. I can't believe Verizon being a national company wouldn't have a standard policy on pole maintenance. LIPA/Long Island power was cited for lack of regular pole inspections and/or replacement. Verizon could be to in these states.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE2BA4

11/15/12 | 19:24PM
You are correct to believe this. As a former Verizon employee i'm not sure if there actually IS a pole inspection process. I can say as long as I have been employed by the company I have never encountered an inspection process to my knowedge. I can tell you Verizon is WAY behind in replacing double poles. You may have seen many of them in your travels. I have had one at the end of my street for over TWO years now. Not that it is invisisble to the naked eye or anything. The Vz managers just don't do their job.......BOTTON LINE


Vz Tech - Verizon H8er ID: 380C95

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