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11/05/06 | 2:11AM
they charge me for using a WiFi connection

Today I went to verizon to get them to transfer my plan from my old phone to my new WiFi smartphone. Then to my horror, the smug customer services representative told me that verizon would now charge me every time I used my WiFi connection. Naturally I assumed there was some mistake and tried to reason with her using objections such as the fact that WiFi does not even use their network to access the internet. All I got for my effort was a smug look and the reply that I could pay her $45 a month or I could pay her by page, but My internet will now cost me money every time I use it no matter what. I am now in an absolute furey over this because I'm stuvk with a phone that is practically dissabled. I'm beginning to hope that the "can you here me now guy" gets hit by a truck. If you are considering signing up for verizon, I urge you to reconsider and by a different network no matter what the comercials tell you to do.

- Verizon H8er ID: 3E693C

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