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12/28/07 | 19:36PM
I need to vent

Two years I have been paying for two house lines from verizon. Service calls about 2 dozen. I can not get any form of dsl here so I have tried using a second line. I pay over $80.00 am month and they can't get them both up and running for long at the same time? Techs say rotten phone lines. Have talked long and hard with them and they just keep billing and takeing my money. Supervisors never call back. I think they know and just try to schlepp it. My Daughter paid to put me on her verizon cell phone plan and I get no reception at home either. Believe me I am rurla but not that far in the sticks. I was told in two years it would probably get better. I think this Whole expierience would make a great comedy routine or maybe a horror story. Here is my last letter to someone in the org." Today I contacted your company again about the ongoing problem I have had
with service at my residence. I also contacted the public service
commission for the second time. This problem in July has had a service call
and then again I blieve another service call in Oct. for the other line. I
am tired of this!!! everytime one line is working the other goes out. I
have spent too much time just trying to get a portion of what I am paying
for to work. I have also been told that the 9191 line is not guaranteed to
support internet service.

I will need copies of all the correspondance on both of my accounts. 410
754 5274 and on 410 754 9191.

Also, months ago I asked that a supervisor contact me and this has not
happened. Today I have requested a Supervisor contact me in the service
dept. Talked to Marquis ? (understand you don't have operateing numbers
anymore) It was hard to hear over the buzz in the phone line but I did
understand he was going to give his supervisor the message and we will see?

I have been paying $59.00 a month for a freedom line and another 25.50 or
better for an additional line. $80.00 or better for very bad service. I
was told today I can have two months at $14.00 per month credit. I have not
ever been able to use the service as I origianlly intended because of what
atleast 2 of your service technician have said is rotten telephone lines.
Don't mean to sound ungrateful this young lady was the first person that
sounded remotely interested in my dellima. But look at what you offer
customers that are in a better area without rotten phone lines. What about
the time I have spent on the phone and waiting for service.

HA Caldwell
I have also made a complaint with the public svc. commission for Md. No record of it. Oh well I am just John Q public that is little to nobody these days.

- Verizon H8er ID: 7A25CD

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