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11/29/12 | 19:55PM
i just left verizon wireless im free

they charge me 161 amonth when i started then it was 167 cause taxes the i was do for a ugrade and they didnt tell me i had to have do another 2 years with then i told them im not happy and they dont fix it so i just canceled att to can have my money when i get up set they yell at me i hope they close sale there company to att you cant beat the roll over and they want it to be cheeper for you verizon to me is like v nasty they make you waste your time listen to them when they dont even know whats going on they didnt know how much it would to cancel i have to wait i couldnt pay them to leave they always said $300 when my bill was due for the one month like i had to to pay 300 when the next month wasnt even to do sorry but i just want to say this and i hope there look fuck you verizon they said if i went to V.I.there would not be a problem i go V.I. and my phone was roming they need i wish the unhappy people could take them to court for the unhappiness they put through and the money they just took from us when they just lie steal and cover 1 more time fuck you verizon for fuck up my $4,000 vaction fuck you assfuck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 71DBBF

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02/23/19 | 21:07PM
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virgilra69 - Verizon H8er ID: 72760F

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