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11/29/12 | 20:01PM
Layoff over my salary

I was laid off from Verizon because my manager at the time decided to discuss my salary with another co-worker. I told the director about it in which I was laugh at and was more or less called a liar. Well, not even two months later, my manager wanted to meet for the first time. A bit strange as I worked for this manager for a year and never was there any plans on meeting before. This manager was suppose to fly out to my location and meet myself as well as another individual. Granted, the whole time this manager used the "Just want to meet" and "this is not a firing" line....um, ya..ok

So, when the day came for us to meet our manager, we both went into the conference room in which he was told to leave. I was handed my RIF papers.

I felt a little bad because how can the good be fired and the bad be rewarded? But, my sadness quickly turned into joy because a.) I am now making MORE money running my own businesses and b.) You reap what you sow! God does not like a deceitful heart. I wish my manager and director well. I will on a whole miss Verizon but I will not miss this kind of behavior from upper management. What I should have done was went with my gut instant and reported the incident to HR but being the nice person I am, I thought I can trust and rely on my management. What a slap in the face. Oh and by the way, I interviewed within VZ during my 30 day period and interviewed well! However, I didn't get not ONE job?? Sounds like someone definitely didn't want me to remain there.

Prior before that, I had an excellent career on another team! I worked for this individual for 5+ years and received very good reviews. Then I was transitioned into this new team and wow.

I will leave you with this quote: Not everyone tells you what they are thinking but see that you don't advance in life.


ex_vz_employee - Verizon H8er ID: D854C9

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11/29/12 | 23:21PM
Verizon being the spawn of the crybaby bells called Bell Atlantic and Nynex is still loaded with relatives and friends of the old ma bell mindset.

As with any bureaucracy you need politcal connections or in corporate speak you must have a network of favor people and protection. Verizon is still very clickish because the old ma bell employees were able to contaminate enough of their replacements.

Also in corporate America especially these HRs and management love to profile employees to determine if you have long term career potential or are you a team player(in the corporate world that means can you look the other way and/or do 'what ever it takes')-that's why good evaluations and interviews don't mean squat because it is that one manager or supervisor you must please. It is not about the job.

But this is why with ANY job especially in corporate American NEVER let anyone promise or imply you will have a career because most who say that are niave or part of a dying breed of legacy employee from a different era.

In some respects consider your new job an escape from Verizon and not a replacement.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2D95E4

03/01/19 | 21:09PM

Toobkady - Verizon H8er ID: D87D89

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