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01/02/08 | 17:33PM
They Don't Tell You! A Verizon Wireless New Every Two Story

I got a letter from lovely Verizon telling me I was eligible for $100 toward a new phone because I was a loyal and cherished customer (OK they don't use real words like that). Six weeks later I went to a Verizon store to choose a phone to replace my now battered two-year-old Motorola.

The salesman was not helpful or very interested in me, maybe because I wanted to use my $100 credit for NE2 rather than buy some $300 Blackberry. He said I didnt need the NE2 paper, that the credit would be automatically applied.

I stood inline for ages, so long and so hot was the store that I didnt check my receipt when I finally escaped. If I had, night have noticed that they charged me $108.34. Where is the NE2?
The first phone really didnt work for me (people said it sounded like I was under water when I called them). So went to a different Verizon store to exchange it. I received a credit on my card but still have spent $54 and change.
Since then Jonathan Green, Director Customer Care North East Region has sent me a letter inviting me to use a special credit he offers customers (idiots?) like me toward buying a new phone.
Dont they know I just bought a new phone a month earlier?

And why did I never get the $100 NE2? The customer service rep (who kept putting me on hold for what she said would be 1 or 2 mins but always ended up being at least 5), said I was not eligible because I changed my plan (increased mins before renewal then changed down to old # of mins after getting the new phone and thus renewing contract with Verizon).
Shame that no one ever told me about that when I made the change!

No matter what I said she just kept saying "I'm sorry about that." Like she cared, she goes to weeks of training so she can stonewall and mislead people right?

DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ADDRESS OR EMAIL FOR Jonathan Green, Director Customer Care, Northeast Area. I'd like to share my experiences with him not with a PO Box in Atlanta.

- Verizon H8er ID: 7CD8F9

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09/17/08 | 4:28AM
See my post titled "How Verizon Out-Dumbs" their customers. They actually go to training for a full year so they can learn their "Stepford Wives" approach. Sorry to hear about your misfortune with Verizon. Welcome to the club.

- Verizon H8er ID: D10203

01/07/09 | 2:54AM
In the contact center @ Rochester, NY

- Verizon H8er ID: 7C8F1A

02/25/12 | 2:47AM
You wanted an address for this Wonderful man:
Jonathan Green, Runs out of this office,
Rochester Riverside Convention Center
123 East Main Street
Rochester, New York 14604

Theresa Giovani - Verizon H8er ID: 893CB6

05/27/16 | 21:16PM
Is Verizon reps do not go to a training for a year on how to screw the customer

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 810F40

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