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01/05/08 | 1:02AM

Here are things you should know about how this company operates:
1) They have a policy where, if you've had 3 seperate replacements of the same make/model of a phone for manufacturer's problems (NOT getting it wet, dropping it, etc.), then they MUST replace the phone FREE OF CHARGE with a comparable new one. Not refurbished...NEW IN THE BOX.

2.)If you are anywhere near your Two Year Upgrade (or Annual Upgrade) Date when that third phone goes in to be replaced, most
salespeople/managers will refuse to honor the 3-Out New Phone Deal unless you call corporate. They will instead try to force you into signing a new 2-year contract for that new phone.

3.) Watch out for unscrupuluous salemen that tell you there is a fee to get the 3-Out New Phone Deal: There isn't. They are just trying to sell you accessories, which is the bread-and-butter of all Verizon salespeople. Try this: Let them sell you that new phone for the fee, make sure you get the reciept, then ask if it was mandatory for you to buy the accessories to get it. Tell them you need the information for the Attorney General's office. Then contact the Attorney General.

4.) When you go to buy a new phone with you 2-Yr Upgrade, remember to read the fine print: there's an extra $60 or so added to the 2-Yr price for the accessories. Yes, again the accessories. You are under no obligation to purchase that overpriced crap. But the salesmen will blithely add it in there if you don't stop them.

5.) DON'T Upgrade if you current phone is working! Its costs you so much more to get locked into another 2 years, especially if you're thinking of switching to a cheaper company. The 2-Yr contract is strictly so they can force more money out of you before you go. Its called an "Early Termination Fee".

6.) The 3-Out New Phone Deal mention above? Please be aware that the new phone will ALWAYS be cheaper than the one you've got now. You do not get a choice of WHICH phone you're upgraded to. Its usually just one or, if the manager is generous, two other models. Its still better than being stuck with a crappy phone for the remainder of your contract.

7.) DON'T ALLOW ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY TO BUY THAT PIECE OF SHIT "JUKE". Do you ever wonder why the commercials for it never SAY ANYTHING about it, just show you some idiots dancing and flipping it? That's 'cause its a piece of crap they're trying to sell to teens and 'tweens and all who buy it are sorry they did!! Same goes for Chocolates and Razors, regardless of which cell phone company you buy them from.

8.) Lastly, once again with the accessories: Try not to buy them from Verizon. They are jacked up 8 times their worth and much cheaper just about anywhere else Verizon doesn't have a contract to sell its products at the same price. Same with your price plans. Salesmen are OBLIGATED to put you into as high a price plan with as many expensive features as they can convince you to pay for.
The managers keep constant pressure on them to push, push, push. You are only the deer in the headlights.

Thats all I remember for now. Haven't worked in that madhouse for six months and am glad of it. I find that the life of a musician is a poorer, but much more honorable one than working for Verizon.
However, I still have friends in Soho and elsewhere whom I worked with, keep tabs on those I had to take classes and shop strategies with. As I learn more, or remember more, I'll post it here. Stay safe, and keep an eye on the Verizon. Lee R.

- Verizon H8er ID: 89E498

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04/12/14 | 8:23AM
I doubt you are still around, but thank you.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: AB0A4F

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