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01/16/08 | 22:18PM
Does Verizon think I am stupid?

March 2006 I ordered the Freedom Package for $99.00 Direct TV, Phone, and Internet. The only thing that really works or did was the phones. It took till November to get the Direct TV bundled in. I recieved a seperate bill from Direct TV as they forgot to tell me that the Township didn't approve Direct TV until then. It is now bundled but Verizon got me locked in to a three year contract until March 2009. As for the Internet it't DLS is very slow. There is two types. I was talked into taking the faster one. It doesn't work as I am too far away from Center? Center of what? I Complained about it. Spend about two houors with a tech, announce that I was tired fed up and going to call the local tv stations. If I couldn't use my computer I may as well have them watch me drop from the attic window. (Four stories up) I was given a 8:00am to 7:00pm window for a person to come out. I got a date and set my family to watch for him. He came and did something. It was to go to the basement and splice my phone line. While downthere he nelected to put all the phone lines in. The main phone didn't work for three day. If it is an inside line you have to get it fixed yourself. Oh Verizon also gave me an internet contract. There attitude is Shut Up and Pay it. The computer slowed down again and same deal. Two hours checking everything. Is it hooked up right. Hey it must be you guy was out. Send some one. Got a date same time window. Waited all day yesterday to see someone with no luck. Verizon called today the man can't get into my house. Call and make another date. Strange thing is there is a half inch of clean snow on my front porch. No foot prints and two adults were in the house all day. I am waiting for a Verizon person to tell me pick a page one to 1000. Pick a number 1 to 25. Ok that is the excuse for your problem. Do you want to upgrade it will only cost a little more?

- Verizon H8er ID: 03EC69

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