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12/06/12 | 22:44PM
Overages after they say my LIFETIME minutes expire???? WHAT? they are for lifetime.

I have been having problems with Verizon from DAY 1. These people tell me they appreciate my service and loyalty so much that I am getting 500 anytime minutes per month per line (minus one line) that will never expire since they are for life. I have the 100 anytime minutes per line for life as well. I was very excited. I had these minutes for quite a while then one day I get a bill for over $800. They tell me it's just an error and not to worry about it. Well, my account is on auto pay and I was very worried about it. Then they later decide they shouldn't offer that any longer. I complain and have it investigated and looked into by THEIR legal and loyalty department, and I get the minutes back with the promise that my account is well noted and this will never happen again. I was told that some codes expire yearly and I may have to call back if this ever happens again and they will just re-add those minutes to my account and get things as close to that as possible. Not a huge deal so I can handle that. A long time goes by and guess what, I now have overages again and when I talk to a supervisor I am told that it was a suggestion that I could call and ask for these minutes to be added yearly but not promised for life. WHAT? I am so upset with the so called company. I have never been lied to so many times and then have supervisors try to spin what the notes say to benefit them. What is wrong with this company? DO NOT TRUST VERIZON as they lie!!!!

Can anyone give me some feedback of what to do about this. Also, I just moved and have a file somewhere with tape recordings of this company promising me these things along with detailed notes. I am very very upset that they just say if you have a problem write a letter to corporate. They should honor their promises for those "loyal customers" like they said in the first place. I am not asking for something that I was not promised. I am just asking them to do what they had promised and keep my minutes the same as what they said they would be. Many days and hours wasted with this company and talking to supervisors that really don't care to help anyone but verizon. I HATE VERIZON... yes HATE!!!!

If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me. tskma@hotmail.com

I really would like them to honor these things & they should be punished as well because I bed they do this to more than just me!!!!! Thank you for any ideas.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2DCD1D

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04/13/19 | 18:33PM

Bryanfum - Verizon H8er ID: 3B532C

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