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02/28/06 | 2:16AM

Verizon Wireless Customer Service- It does not exist. These people are the worst pond scum available. After several complaints of my "new phones" and returns and copied phonebook fees to the other phone, all they could do is scream contract fee of $175. All I wanted was a reliable cell phone and service. I've been using the service for 4 years...give me a break. Finally the "customer service representative" gave me a proper plan and said there was "no contract" if I stayed on. Well, I took the hook because I figured if they did not need the contract, maybe they were going to do something right for a change. Nope, the Verizon Wireless Rep lied to me and signed me up for another two year contract and now I have the stinkin' verizon wireless fee, not to mention I can't get back my prepay. I know she said "no contract". What can you do.I immediately filed a complaint with the BBB and began searching for any legal action against verizon wireless. First they bill you; then they illegally put your name on a contract. If you ever think about going to www.verizonweless.com or calling their support line, beware.....this is from a guy who would take a lie detector test against any service rep for verizon wireless anyday, take the stand and put the hand on the Bible. Go Cingular!

- Verizon H8er ID: 3CFC74

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