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12/16/12 | 5:11AM
verizon keeps taking money from me

let it be known to the public VERIZON is the worst company to ever deal with. They are beggers, liars, and thieves. They keep on adding weird charges to our bill and when we finally can pay it off we get nailed a couple hundred dollars the following week or two. What the heck is wrong with this company? Also their customer service sucks big time. One they do not have any sympathy for you and don't care if they take your money away from you that you can't buy your kid a toy he wants, because they like to suspend your account and shut everything off, they do not care if you paid them hundreds of dollars to them, and a loyal customer I mean come on. DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON EVER EVER EVER.

angelrose86 - Verizon H8er ID: F35031

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12/22/12 | 1:12AM
Its true I agree. My bill used to be $130 when I first stared with them and I had a smart phone, data, text for $5 and another line added for $10 on 700 mins and insurance on my phone. Then later on when I couldnt afford everything I took off the text and insurance. My bill for the next month ended up being $145 out of no where. I asked so many representatives why my bill if higher than when I had all the extra services and none of them could give me a valid reason until when I later found out that they were still charging me for insurance and lying to me about it. Have you also noticed that their statements are so confusing to read?? I cannot wait to change to AT&T!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F17C39

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