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02/28/06 | 2:19AM
We are unable to refund her $ because she will owe it in the future."

I was a rep for verizon and wanted to share with you some stories that happened to me when i worked there: (1) A lady was supposed to be billed about $42.00 but somehow the computer accidentally took out $4200.00. She called in very angry, and I said I we would refund the money. I immediately put in a refund request and apologized for the inconvenience assuring her it would be taken care of. A week later I got a reply back from financial services which I escalated to treasury. "We are unable to refund her $ because she will owe it in the future." I was shocked, and scared, because it was my job to call back this customer and tell her this. I called her back, and said, "Mrs. smith, I apologize for the inconvenience but we will be unable to refund your $" She said, "Are you goddamn motherfuckers retarded? I'm bouncing checks every goddamn where and about to sue you, why the hell can't you refund my goddamn money?" She was angry as you can tell. I replied "The denial states that treasury is unable to refund your money because you will owe it in the future." She said, "You people are fucking insane, I want to speak to your goddamn supervisor" I said, "I will be more than happy to assist you by getting a supervisor for you, may I place you on a hold for a few minutes Mrs. Smith?" She let out a string of expletives that included a yes in there between the 10 & 12 letter words. I stood up in my cubicle and waved my arms for a supervisor. Finally one came and took the call, and told her the same thing I just told her.

- Verizon H8er ID: DE7740

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12/10/13 | 16:09PM
They have done the same thing to me the past TWO months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully not that much money but when you live paycheck to paycheck $100 & $200 dollars plus at least $200.00 in NSF fees kicks your butt and makes it VERY hard to catch back up!!!! Isn't there anyone over that department that I can contact???

Shelia Lowe - Verizon H8er ID: 18FC7F

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