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12/18/12 | 23:33PM
False Data Charges

Over labor day weekend, I got text messages in the middle of the night saying I was using over 20 gb of data, which is impossible. I call customer service and they said that of course it was a mistake, they were getting a lot of similar complaints, they would look into it. No call back.

Then, I call back 10 days later to learn the status is still unresolved. Worried that I'd be charged hundreds of dollars for data I didn't use, but they promised me it would be resolved by then, and that they had filed a claim with technical support (this turned out to be a lie, by the way). They again promised to call back. No call back.

Ten days later I call back again, and they put me on with tech support to "look through" my phone. They didn't tell me that by "look through" they meant a manufacturer's reset, so I lost all of my texts and text memos. The reset, by the way, didn't work.

I'm then charged over $400 for data I haven't used. No credit.

My wife calls, and the tech support person brings her to tears telling her I was sneaking out of bed to use 20 gb on my phone every night, and that it's all our fault. The psychopath then tries to upsell her on an unlimited data plan, because apparently Verizon's policy is to first psychologically break down their customers, then try to steal even more of their money. They send me a new phone. I put my sim card in the new phone. No change.

We are, for the second month, charge an exorbitant amount for data. I call and technical support says that they can't credit me until the ticket is resolved, but that they will call me every other day with an update. I get one call, no update. Then no additional calls.

I call back on Monday ready to end my contract, prepare for my lawsuit against Verizon, and switch to Virgin. I get technical support, which pretends to appease me with a $60 credit (keep in mind that I've been overcharged $220 in one billing cycle and $200 in another). Another person from tech tells me that obviously an error was made, because no tech support claim was ever filed (!!!!!!!). Only a customer service complaint was filed. I ask her to email me as documentation that this error on Verizon's part led to two months of my twiddling my thumbs waiting for a response while being charged insane amounts for data I"m not using. She refuses. I ask her to send me the facts of the case with no opinions or judgments attached. She refuses. She promises me (like everyone else at Verizon) to call me back on Friday with results from a technical claim with network engineering. I tell her that her promise means nothing to me and that I want to extension. She refuses to give it to me. She says she promises, and has even told her supervisor.

So then I get her to put me on the phone with the supervisor. He placates me and gives me his extension. As I expected given Verizon's criminal ineptitude, I did not receive a phone call. I had demanded an individual line extension from the tech support supervisor, John, that I spoke with on Monday, and he gave me this number: (813-290-5111 ext 1503011). It turns out that not only did Renesha, who said she would call me by today, neglect to call me, but John's "extension" wasn't actually an extension - it took me to the main verizon main page.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9898E3

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