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02/28/06 | 2:24AM
A new verison victim

I started my small office this february. saw the commercials for verison DSL business so cheap, on the ad. When I called for the tel. installations, they gave me the gig about having DSL as a package deal. It wasn't so cheap as in the ad. it was some 56 dollars ( after the discount for the package). Then the euipment arrived, I was surprised to larn that you pay for the equipment about 90 dollars, and install it on your own. So I tried, of course I had to call their support for help. It ran, but every few days, the light would be on constantly, and I would have no service, I would call their support, stay on the phone with their reps for at least half an hour, get it running. The next time I try to use it it would be down again. I was fed up. The final time, this idiot I got wasted my time, and could not figure out why it was not running. Called to cancel, they now put me on hold for at least 45 min. When I got their agent, she tells me that they will try to fix the problem if I dont cancel now and give 2 months trial period. If the problem persists, I can then call to cancel. Someone will contact me in 15 min. Days went by and no one called. I called again, was put on hold the min. you choose the cancel option would have to wait forever, until I would have to hang up as I had an office to attend to and could not afford anymore time.few weeks later, a month before the trial ended, and asked to terminate the service once I got a human on the line. It was again the same agent Mrs Joans who was repeating the same offer I said no way, I wasted too much time over this Now that I got a human I'm cancelling. So I was billed an early termination fee of 100 dollars, and I can not return the 90 dollar equipment that I had to buy from them. And boy the run around I had to dispute the charge "Our computer automatically posts the charge, and I'm sorry there is nothing we can do about it", so said Mrs BRown. I was told that I was credited some 90 dollars for the month before ( not true, and she was talking about the "trial" period, when the service was still not working). I argued "Don't you see my customer support calls? the no service complaints?! no one was interested in that. They refused to remove the charge. Where did I sign for that? Everything was sold by the phone sales pitch, which never mentioned that.. The DSL is linked to my business tel. line bill which had to be verison, so I am cornered. So they have the capacity to claim anything, not give any service and if you don't like it ..you will pay for it..or do you want your business phone disconnected? I warn you, do not use DSL. If You want to take a chance, remember, it is linked to the telephone bill, you can not remove or dispute or do anything to their sneaky fraudulent charges, you accept their horrible service ( most of the time - no service)or you will pay even more for stopping it. If there is a way I can terminate my office line just so that I would not have verison anything in my office I would.. My Cell is sprint so far so good ( 3 years now), I heard they may be bought by verison.. if that is the case I would definitely get rid of it.. Mona S. Ismail New York verison victim A new verison victim

- Verizon H8er ID: 6A067A

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