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12/26/12 | 17:58PM
Verizon gave my EX $500 refund check then reported him to collections!!

My EX and I were divorcing and I assumed the verizon bills but with new account number. My bill pay continued payment but to the old account that was turned off. So my EX recieved a $500 refund (my payments for my account). I then was sent overdue bill and discovered the problem. EX did not cash check, Verizon credited my account with $500 paid in error to wrong account. ALL this was fine.... but then they sent my EX a letter that he was sent to collections for $7.00. They never even sent him a bill for $7.... just a letter about reporting him to collections agency. Verizon said they could not remove his name from their list.. it took a while for the collections agency to get his name out of their system. This is not what a newly divorced man needs when he is trying to get his own place.. a mark on his credit. I will never use verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 73C8E7

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