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02/28/06 | 2:31AM

I have been a Verizon customer for 5 yrs. The our plan however was under my husbands name even though one of the phones showed my name. I recently found out our company has an employee discount. I needed the discount due to my husband being laid-off. I called big V and asked how can I get the discount. They said fill out the form for changing the plan into your name and the form for the discount. I went to the store, picked up the form and asked the representative "will this cost me anything extra, is anything going to change". He smiled and said "No". I filled out the forms, took them to another location, gave them to the representative, asked again "will this cost me anything extra, is anything going to change" and again the rep smiled and said "No". I then call the 800 number and spoke to 2 other reps asking if anything was going to change and they both assured me nothing was going to change. To my surprise they closed our account and opened a new one. So now I was a new customer with my first bill being $325. Remember, nothing was going to change. My bill has always been $185. And I'm not getting the employee discount. I might see that in 2 months since they have a backlog of entering people. So what they did was charge me prorated fee and a month in advance fee. Me, the customer that has been with them for 5 yrs!! They created a whole new account even though the paperwork I filled out only had a place for my name, S/S number and D/L number. Where was the section that you fill out for credit on a new account. Now what do I pay, the extra amount on my bill or my utility bills. I can't cancel the account. It will cost me over $600 dollars since we have 3 phones and they also changed the length of the contract to 2 years on all the phones. OK VERIZON…CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!! YOU STINK!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 4F10E0

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