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03/27/13 | 15:26PM
Don't count on ever drawing retirement benefits

I worked for GTE when the birth of Verizon landline occurred. They basically came in and raped GTE a wonderful, customer service orientated company for their over funded pension, vast liquidity and state of the art software technology. At that time Bell Atlantic was using some archaic DOS based 40 year old programs to handle their orders, billing etc.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the piece of shit systems that Bell Atlantic had so that we could learn to service their unfortunate customers, too.

After Bell Atlantic raped GTE to form Verizon, I worked for the company for another 5 years. What a bunch of ruthless, heartless bastards they were. They didn't give a hoot in hell for customer service, committment to quality, or their employees. It was, "SELL, SELL, SELL!" And nothing else mattered.

Now, I get a notice out of the blue 17 years after I escaped from Verizon that I have a pension with them. I'm also now disabled. I'm not 65. But what limited information that Verizon provides on their Verizon Benefits Connection website (www.verizon.com/benefitsconnection) does not give the entire picture of the benefit program. MANY links are just broken or take you to dead ends. AND if you call in, like I did, the answer is always, "We will have to submit that information and get back to you." It's taken them two months to finally "get back to me" to tell me I'm not eligible. I told them I want the forms to apply for benefits for disabled employees. THEY WILL NOT SEND THEM.

So, our conversation today ended with the rather snotty representative assuring me that they would send out a plan summary to me for me to have my attorney review.


If you work for Verizon now, don't be fooled into thinking that you will be cared for when you become elderly, disabled or ready to retire. They will fuck you to the grave.

BrownsFan4Ever - Verizon H8er ID: 912C4A

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03/29/13 | 1:37AM
If you are owed a pension frequently these companies will offer a buyout. I would try to get a buyout and reinvest yourself in interest yeilding mutual fund for starters, you can always change later.

Pensions usually sit in the form of annuity if you didnt get a full 30 years in or retired years before you could collect.

Get the money out of their pockets if nothing else.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9815D5

06/20/13 | 15:21PM
I agree.

Verizon reps I talked to were snotty with me,too.

I had to fight for my retiree benefits.

I finally won my battle, but in January 2013,
Verizon gave me a Hobson's choice: pay skyrocked
premiums of loose coverage.

I agree that Verizon will screw you to the grave.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E2578D

10/30/13 | 17:41PM
I am so sorry. I just retired from Verizon. I am lucky, my husband is a CPA....You CAN get your money..
E-mail me realejo57@gmail.com

You need so much info!!!

Joanne - Verizon H8er ID: 766690

11/07/13 | 2:01AM
I retired year & half ago. I took buy out because I didn't trust Verizon to handle what I worked 31 years for.before all of the what's our name this year garbage we all worked for customer based companies that cared about quality.as with all of you I depend on Verizon for benefits for myself, wife and daughter. It is always an adventure and headache either on line or on phone. I always wonder if Ivan Siedenburg has these problem? (YEAH RIGHT).

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F6B4A5

11/14/13 | 10:40AM
What a dumb rant. Yes they have to get back to you. They need to investigate ALL YOUR SERVICE going back to day one and do the calculations.

If you qualify for a pension you get it.

And DUH if you did not "retire" with the 30 years or age you needed, then yes, it is a DEFERRED VESTED pension at age 65.

Grow up.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 026308

12/31/13 | 12:17PM
I left Verizon in 2011, I was kind of pushed out the door like many with an offer. Fortunately I listened to my co-workers that told me to hang in there for the 8 months more that I needed to be able to leave Verizon with a retirement package. I was so stressed due by the daily basilar migraines hat I would get within 15 minutes of the start of my shift and the lake of compassion from management that I was ready to sign those buyout papers just to be out of there. I did wait I was turned down for FMLA the first time I applied (just to be allowed to wear a hat or visor to protect my eyes from the lighting. Months later I had a sever basilar migraine and my current supervisor told me to apply for the FMLA again. I was approved for 2 days off if need plus 1 hour a month for doctor visits. I never took advantage of this FMLA I used it when I was at my worst. Remember I had them daily out of 7 days I had to choose what day I might think would be the worst and work the rest of the week. Since leaving Verizon with a retirement package and a buyout that was offered. I still suffer with migraines and other health issues but I don't have them 7 days a week. I was diagnosed with basilar migraines in 1996 and worked until 2011. Verizon had an excellent benefit plan for their employees. But did they care about them (I don't think so.) After leaving Verizon I applied for Social Security and started receiving benefits in June 2013. I hope my story helps someone.

D.Sayers - Verizon H8er ID: F13406

09/06/14 | 16:50PM
You must have a 401k. Type in 401k.com -- that will bring you to fidelity THEY WILL HELP YOU!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8EB5E8

05/08/15 | 22:32PM
Fidelity raped my financial accounts. Left them took all to Stifel, making oodles of money. Retired 5 yrs ago at age 52.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C5BF40

05/06/16 | 13:09PM
I have a friend who is a Verizon employee and was diagnosed with cancer and needs surgery and did everything right to have it done but because of the present strike he has been denied. These fucktards are no better than child molesters in my mind. They should be lined up in the town square and executed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AC3243

05/22/16 | 17:32PM
Why is the strike stopping your friend from the benefits of his medical plan?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 716A0A

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