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02/28/06 | 2:36AM
I think they have some kind of hidden minute fee

I just got a family share plan (the dady day special 4 days ago) 2 phones for $49, 500 min, unlimited in-calling, and got the unlimited text/pics for both phones for $5 a piece. Now, here is my story: I have been keeping a close watch on my minutes (peak) on their web site. I have only used my phone during peek time (to a non verizon customer) 2 times, once to call my house to connect my service (1 min tops) and once to call my work when running late (1 min tops). My fiance used her phone once when someone called her during peek time (2 mins tops). MY PEAK MINUTES EQUAL 44 WHEN I CHECKED IT ONLINE. I called verizon the day I got my phone to find out what I could do wrong (you know to make sure I don't mess up and get charged large amounts of money), and they said that as long as I don't call a non verizon customer, or recieve a call from a non verizon customer during peak hours it would come off my allowed minutes. Well, I called them to find out what the hell was going on after I noticed this and they can't tell me. I think they have some kind of hidden minute fee (like 5 min a day or some bullshit). Lets do the math, (2 min peak time me) plus (2 mins peak time her) plus (4 days x 5 mins x 2 phones) = 44 mins. I think this is bull shit, I am too pissed off to call and talk to these people so I am having her do it (I don't want to be an ass to someone how is making less then 8 dollars an hour). If they don't fix it I am dropping the service. Lucky I was paying attention these first few days, or else I wouldn't have caught it. I would have been stuck paying the 175 dollar fee for both phones to cancle if I didn't within the first 15 days. JUST THINK 5 MIN A DAY PER PHONE = 300 MINUTES A MONTH!!!!!!!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 5FF09D

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