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12/30/12 | 22:46PM
Bundle Me Not

My husband and I have been Verizon customers for a long time. We have two 'great' experiences with them. First, our contract was due to expire, so I went online to re-up and chose a plan for phone and internet that was supposed to cost us $35 a month. I thought it was all taken care of, as I had gotten a confirmation email with an order number. A few months went by, and all of a sudden, our phone and internet were shut off, even though, Verizon was still taking $45 a month out of our checking account. This started in October of 2011. It was shut off in January. We never received an email, bill in the mail, or a phone call. My husband called Verizon the next day, and they had no record of the online transaction. It took a week's worth of calling them daily to get the problem sorted out, and our phone and internet bundled. However, we're paying over $50 a month. Plus, our phone bill was over $150. They said that they would credit us for their mistake. HA! We ended up having to pay $75 in order to get what we had ordered in the first place. It finally happened after two weeks of dealing with incompetent service representatives.
Secondly, and more recently, we moved from one part of the town to another, we called Verizon and told them that we needed to switch our service from one house to the other. No problem, right? We moved at the end of October to find that the line inside the house was not connected, got Verizon out and had that taken care of. Only to go online to pay the bill the next month, and lo and behold, it was for over $125. My husband called, yet again, to find out what was going on, because it listed the phone and internet as two separate charges. They did not start our service at the new house with the bundle that we had, instead, they were charging us for Regional calling and internet separately. They would not reinstate our old plan until we paid the bill in full. By the time I could pay it, we were charged another $121. Had to pay that to get our bundle back. My husband called two weeks ago and was told that now that we had a zero balance, they could bundle us again. We'll see. I'm seeing another phone call in the near future. I cannot stand Verizon!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F827FA

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