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02/28/06 | 2:41AM
verizon sucks!!!

ok...here goes... i signed up with verizon in may of last year while visiting a friend in DC...just after i moved up to philly, i decided to change my number with them...no problem...i continued my service with them until october when i changed to cingular (btw...best move yet...i love them!). so i paid my bill with verizon and i was on my merry way...so i thought. in march (yes8 months later) i get a collection notice out of the blue stating that my account was overdue with verizon... so i pulled my records and called them up...it turned out that my account for my origional number was overdue...an account that was terminated in august and an account that i had not recieved a bill for!! so paid the collection the day i got the bill...even though i had not recieved a bill...i didnt want it to go on my report...HAHAHA that is funny...because it is still on there and will be for the next 7 years...and because of this, i am not able to get another student loan to pay for grad school... verizon sucks!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 3CB38F

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