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12/31/12 | 16:23PM
Verizon helps smalls businesses go out of business

Dear Sir or Madam I ordered 2 phones lines and high speed Internet for my new business which I just opened I was given an installing date which was almost 2 weeks away when thy repair guy showed up he said he couldn't help me and had to send another guy from another department that gentleman showed up day after and started working but left without saying anything after that a rep called me and said we need to schedule for high speed Internet and I asked her when will the phone lines will be installed she said the phone line is working I informed her that no one told me the phone is working and we didn't know where the phone jack was the repair man never showed us anything That day I found one jack downstairs which was not the main number which is 212-466-3636 the second lines was 212-466-3637 which I pulled the wire up and it was working .when I ordered the phone lines rep told me that they will put one jack in your location where ever you want it.She informed that when the guy comes to install high speed Internet he will show U where the other jack is but at this point if they move the jack then they will charge me and schedule the high speed install for 12/26/2012.No one showed up on 26th and I got a call from another rep on 29th around 5 PM saying that she was calling to schedule to install high speed Internet and I informed her that i was very unhappy that its almost a month and i don't have phone lines and the install was schedule for the 26th and i had confirmed it about 3 times via automated phone calls.She said she will have to schedule another one and next available date was Jan 11 2013 which was ridiculous and at this point i was fuming will all the stuff that was going on with opening a new store,between working 18 hrs a day and dealing with suppliers .I asked her to have a supervisor call me .I got home about 11.30 that night and 5 min after i got home my employee called me and said the credit card machine was not working which was running on the only phone line that was working had to drive back took me 45 min to get there and then I called verizon to find out what was going on after getting bounced from one place to another place finally someone told me that your account was canceled DID NOT ASK U GUYS TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT I WAS ASKING FOR BETTER SERVICE AND PHONE LINES WHICH U WERE SUPPOSE TO GIVE ME.VERIZON ADVERTISES ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS SERVICE MEANS NOTHING TO ME.IN MY OPINION I HAVE NO IDEA HOW VERIZON IS EVEN IN BUSINESS IF I PROVIDED THIS TYPE OF SERVICE I WOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS.YOUR EMPLOYEE INSTEAD OF HELPING AN UNHAPPY CUSTOMER JUST FIND A SIMPLE SOLUTION THAT WAS TO CANCEL THE ACCOUNT WHICH WOULD BE MUCH EASIER RATHER THEN TO FIND A WORKABLE SOLUTION I MEAN WHAT SHE CARES SHE IS TILL GETTING HER PAY CHECK. I LOST LOT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE MY CREDIT CARD MACHINE STOPPED WORKING. YOU ARE NOT IN BUSINESS OF HELPING SMALL BUSINESS OWNER GROW BUT U R IN BUSINESS OF PUTTING THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

john5983 - Verizon H8er ID: 92CF5A

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01/01/13 | 15:41PM
That was the LONGEST single sentence I have ever read................................
I guess the school you attended didn't teach PUNCTUATION !!! WOW.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B3E645

04/19/19 | 6:45AM
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eugenehw4 - Verizon H8er ID: 035ABB

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