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01/24/08 | 15:11PM

I cannot state my name but let me just say I was an employee with the company for 3 years I left my position voluntary. I hated the job, I hated that company to the fullest. They are all scam artists trained to not address your problems but try to just sell sell sell sell sell. I was a customer service representative so I know first hand. the main priority is to sell then fix a problem if there is time. and good luck trying to get through on the phone you will sit on hold longer than any other company in the world, when you finally get through they will tell you that you reached the wrong department and they will attempt to transfer you to either A:)another wrong department B:) or the call will get dropped just to leave you start all over again with the 45 minute wait to speak with someone.

The managers only care about numbers not problems solved. I was forced to slam 90 year old ladies with internet and long distance who do not even own computers

this company is sickening, I unfortunately have 2 relatives that still work for them. they pay the employees very well because its a sweat shop they beat you down, and turn you into a robot.

- Verizon H8er ID: CB843F

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