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01/05/13 | 1:26AM
cut phone service for no reason and refused to respond

I was a verizon customer for many years. After 3 years using their dsl service they could no longer give me a connection. After their service people came out three times and still no connection, I cancelled the internet only. I have an email from Verizon that only talked about canceling the internet service. THEN THEY CANCELLED MY PHONE SERVICE WHICH I NEVER ASKED FOR. MY BILL WAS PAID UP. I called them three or four times and spoke with a supervisor who said he would follow up the next day but he did not. I called again and was told they would follow up but they did not. They said they could start me as a new customer and do a new credit check and quoted me a higher price than I had been paying. IS VERIZON TRYING TO LOSE CUSTOMERS? CAN THE PUC DO ANYTHING WITH THEM?

Don morgan - Verizon H8er ID: DC284C

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01/11/13 | 12:27PM
I'm assuming the puc is the utility regulator in your state. Yes report to them what happend. First cancelling dsl then voice: without notice.

I'm guessing there was trouble in your cable that they did not want to locate and fix. Which has been there mindset for over a decade. In many areas they let the copper plant go after divestiture in 1984 assuming fiber would replace the existing copper at the time.

Verizon want's all their data customers on FIOS where possible. I know people where they know get monthly calls to switch their voice line to fios.

In many areaz they are getting ready to sell off their old copper plant and the customers on it. That's probably what happend with you.

I'd let the state and federal regulators know about your situation. Inform the Better Business Bureau since Dsl was an optional contracted service. Tell them you were disconnected with no notice or explanation. Give them dates and who you spoke to in a calm brief letter. Tell them you don't want a new contract and refund for dates in question. Forward copy of letter to Verizon corporate(they probably won't give a crap).

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6F161B

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