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01/06/13 | 3:10AM
Tree on phone line.... Verizon says not their problem.

My verizon nightmare started about 5 years ago. I needed high speed dsl and verizon is the only one in our area that provides it. Although I had to fight them to even sell it to me. Over the past 5 years, my dsl hasn't worked more than it has. So I always go through the torchure of calling the stupid automated phone system that take 20 mins to get through.... Then there is always the 30 to 1 hour wait on hold which would frequently end up in a disconnect. Once they actually put me through to another phone company. Several times they were going to send a tech and they would usually cancel after I'd been waiting for several hours and I had to take off from work. The problem never got fixed. One tech did show once and tell me that he thinks there is a short in the main phone line cutting my dsl. Well one day I found what I think is the problem. About a 1/4 mike from my house there was a tree that had half way fallen on the main phone line and was stretching it. It had apparently been that way a while because the tree had now grown into the wire. I called verizon and they told me to hire a tree service. WHAT?? I told them its not on my property. They said "we'll we do cut trees on our lines." So I filed a complaint with the public utilities commision. The next day verizon called me and the person was pissed that I turned them in. They finally sent a crew and cut every tree around that tree EXCEPT for the one that was the problem. Service still sucked. So I called AT&T and tried to get dsl through them. They said they could. I ordered it and cancelled all my verizon services... Well AT&T made a mistake and has no service in this area. So I had to set up new service through verizon again! This time with a new phone number. That was 2 weeks ago... Service was to be on 1/4/2013. The phone was.... But dsl wasn't working. So they said they were sending a technician on 1/5/2013.... So I took off from work... 5 hours into the wait, I get a call from verizon but the hung up after one ring so I call them back. Sat on hold for 1 hour and 45 mins just for them to tell me that a tech wasn't coming! So they want me to take off on Monday which a tech will probably not come then either! I know that they are doing this on purpose just because they can! They SUCK!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2C9D97

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01/07/13 | 12:58PM
You should get broadband through your cable TV provider. It's much faster and more reliable than Verizon's DSL. BTW the tree probably was not the issue with DSL. DSL is horrible to begin with. It works best (and that's not that good)within 18k feet from the phone company's central office. Beyond that distance GOOD LUCK.
I know.....I was a technician for over 20 years with that company. I have seen trees grow completely around the phone cables and never have an issue.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A08CC0

01/07/13 | 16:08PM
Verizon would rather replace the span of cable with the tree on it that tree trim. That has been a policy for decades at this point. Until that span or any other span causes trouble it will more than likely sit.

First document dates and times of trouble you have/had and reported it. Second in lieu of Hurricane Sandy damamge and the trouble the local utilities got in for not having an adequate tree trimming program and I would take a picture of the tree on the cable(note bottom cable should be the phone cable in most cases). If the poles are affected by the tree & cable sagging take pictures of the poles as well(another note, somewhere about 6-8 off the ground there should be a silver tag with the owner of the poles).

Send pictures and a letter to state utility regulators. Remind them this could affect other utilities as well.

If power cables are affected they might have to wait for the power company to comeout and fix their cables first.

20 year VZ employee is correct. Trees/limbs have been allowed to grow completely around cables and wires. Preventative maintenance even 10-20 years ago was spotty at best. If it ain't broke don't fix it is what Verizon has gone by.

Again I would use the timing of Hurricane Sandy power outages/damage as an example of poor utility power pole and cable maintenance including tree trimming with the state utility regulators and/or a local representative.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25174E

01/12/13 | 23:14PM
Verizon is abandoning its plant. They don't care about your business. They don't have enough technicians to handle the work load. Wait until Verizon executives layoff more of the techs that can fix your dsl trouble. I have never seen more hate for their customers and their employees. These corporate pigs are bankrupting this company on purpose. The FCC is not helping anyone. Verizon is so big and powerful that it can make its own rules. Verizon owns these political servants.

Phoneman - Verizon H8er ID: 81D45B

01/13/13 | 15:56PM
If the plant ie poles and cables are still Verizon's they need to be held accountable. Yes Verizon is abandoning plant but until it is sold or transferred or contracted out it IS VERIZON's problem.

It's bad enough that alot of their manholes have sink holes around them causing damage to vehicles and public roads because those sink holes either get bigger and/or start detiorating other road surfaces.

Verizon is lucky because the telephone companies in particular escaped the wrath of the scrutiny of poor power pole maintenance including tree trimming and pole inspections after hurricane Sandy. The telco's should be held accountable to the same standards as the power companies including a routine maintenance program.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25174E

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