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11/21/06 | 3:27AM
Verizon Hell in California

Well since this is starting to turn into one of those Verizon horror stories I thought I would share my travels (hey Nightmare never copyrighted the thing).

I would also like you too know I have had nightmare (no pun intended) problems every single time I wanted to modify/change and or cancel my Verizon services. For example: lets just say last time I wanted it canceled it took me around 40 hours on the phone and over 6 months to get Verizon out of my life and to stop being charged for their service.

Also, if you do a search on Google or any other fine engine you will run across thousands of horror stories concerning Verizon.


September 27th, a rather nice home came up for a better monthly rate them my current residence. So I finally decided to move.

Oct 10, Called Verizon talked with a rather nice lady who verified my new address would be DSL ready.

Oct 23, Called in the actual to request the actual transfer

9:00am on hold for over 30 minutes: talked with a lady who said she could not find my original account and transferred me to a different department who handled Voicewing service (my Dry Loop connection). Sent me over to sales

9:45am talked with a Guy in the voicewing department sales, said he could not help me since I was an existing customer and so he transferred me over to a customer service rep.

10:01am Customer service rep for voicewing said I was not a voicewing customer and sent me back to Verizon online.

By this time all the transferring was making my connection pretty poor, I could barely hear anything and finally the phone call dropped after 25 mines on hold. I was pissed off.

11:35am Called back to Verizon, found another really nice lady who was real sorry about what was going on. I told here I was not going to be bumped to another department. She was none to sure about what to do but over the coarse of another hour of her putting me on hold, coming back to me every now and then to tell me what was going on she managed to get something done.

Now this next bit I found out several weeks later, the lady cancelled my account, started a new account with a service ready date of November 8th and told me my service would automatically expire that day and become active at my new address. I am hoping this wonít be a problem later.

November the 8th, I am now completely moved in after taking my time over the last few weeks, well a few things left to move. 5:00pm roles around no DSL light, I wait, 7:00pm restart modem no light. I give verizon tech support a call and she basically tells me what I found out from above with the service being canceled and all. I was told to call back tomorrow and check with billing.

November 9th
7:10am, I send an email from work to billing telling them what is going on and I need help. No Response after waiting an hour or so.

8:20am, I talk with a slightly foreign accent men (call him Hapoo). He messes around his keyboard awhile and says he can see my modem and it is online now. But doesnít say something in billing is causing my account closure. He wants to transfer me, I ask him if he will stay on the line and explain what is going on to the new rep, he says" ya, sure sure." I get transferred and he doesnít come along, so I tell my tale of woe to this new guy. He looks in my account and tells me there is nothing wrong in billing and is not sure why the Hapoo transferred me to him. So this guys wants to transfer me to another department, I again ask him to wait and talk the new rep threw the problem and that I asked the last rep to do so and he didnít. He told me a few times over the next few minutes that he would, and he does. After 15 minutes of on hold I finally get to talk to another lady.

8:54am, Agent Jessica is not sure why my service was canceled so I go on hold and find out my new Dry loop number. I poke around and the next section at Verizon online and see I have a service ready date of November the 14 for my old house. WHAT? I tell the lady this while I am waiting and she says yes the old number is going threw cancellation procedures and I will not be double billed for two accounts. After maybe another hour she says she needs to get a tech out there because there appears to be something wrong at the site and will call me back in an hour when she finds out what is going on.

10:20am, I call verizon back since no call and I realized that tech probably saw my old house and modem so I ask the new tech to try and make sure he is testing my new number. He says no he cant see my modem online and needs to put me on hold, 10 minutes later I find out I have a new service ready date of November the 20th. I ask why, the other two homes in my triplex have DSL all ready so what is wrong. She tells me she would have to call some department that typically has about an hour wait time. I told her ya do it, I want to know why this is taking so longer, I also was my problem expedited since I all ready have waited two weeks for my service. She tells me she can not speed the process up. I told here fine, call me back when you get hold of this department and tell me what the problem is (I know she wont).

10:45am, Started thinking about all the Verizon horror stories and alternate broadband. Mediacom cable is the only other service and its horrible, drops out, had to reset my IP phone at least 20 times a day and it cost 20 dollars more per month. No other broadband companies so Verizon has me. DAM them!

4:30pm, Asked for DSL billing system sent me to tech support. Wanted to talk with someone about what was going on. Fricken billing is 8:00am-6:00pm eastern time, nice so we Pacific people have to either waste our lunch on hold and not even get to talk with someone before lunch is over. Just sounds stupid I have to call form 5:00am to 3:00pm Pac huge company like Verizon canít afford another shift?

November the 10th:
11:10am Called Verizon, told automated system to take me to DSL billing and it of course dumped me in tech support. Agent pics up and I am like wth, I told you're system the department I wanted. Anyways after the transfer and 10 minutes on hold I get a lady who canít help me out. I wanted here to make sure my old address had service till the 20th since my new service is defunct. I also asked about anything noted from the previous day (apparently nothing was). Anyways... She did mention that she saw a service ready date for November 14th.

3:11pm, I check my cell phone messages just before I leave work (no cell phone service here in the mountains, but land line works well enough for checking). Jessica calls me back twice, once telling me she is looking into the problem and will call me back when she finds out more. About 2 hours later she leaves another message saying they did send a tech to my house and found a problem. And I will have service on the 14th. We will see. By her voice I would bet she was hot....

November 14th:
7:30pm turned my modem on and no DSL signal, checked another wall out-let again no DSL signet. Really pissed off I called tech support and got hold of another Ah-poo, told him about my 2nd service ready date now come and gone and still no service. He told me the same story about problems with the line and qualifying it and he was really sorry. I told him he better mark my account as high priority because if it is not fixed by tomorrow at the days closed I will be phoning in a service cancellation and be going back to my cable company who at least can get me up within two days. Again he was sorry and bid me a good night. Dam I hate the "got ya by the balls" Verizon has here, mediacom cable sucks here and cost allot more.

November 15th:
10:00am Called Verizon back, asked to be sent straight to customer service. Unloaded on the guy (but in a nice way). He transferred me to escalation, who then called up that other department. They fed me a line of bull about the line failed secondary qualifications and they needed to replace the line from point a too point b. I told him again the triplex I am in has 2 other homes both with DSL so obviously the last pedestal to my home is DSL ready, WTH can this be? Now I have a new service ready date of the 20th, I asked him what can Verizon do for a pissed off customer in the mean time. He told me he could transfer me to billing and setup temporary dial-up server to which I replied now how will that work since I do not have a local phone service (his "o-ya" that wont work) did not reassure me. I asked him then what should I do if the 20th roles around and I still have no service, he told me it is up to me I could call in and cancel the service or talk with a supervisor about getting this escalated. I was like what the heck have we been doing for the last hour? So I told him transfer me to a supervisor now since I all ready have sat threw two service ready dates, he said he can do it and would I please hold. After 10 minutes on the line waiting and listening to their annoying elevator music I hear a click and phone disconnect comely known as the drop call. Actually it was such a clean call I am convinced it was intentional.

Cable, cable, cable........

November 20th,6:50pm:
Power Cycled the modem and no DSL signal, on hold waiting for a tech to pick up. 9 minutes, phone call dropped. Called back, 7:00pm: 10 minutes agian on hold and a lady with tech support came on, I told here I have now passed my 3rd service ready date and I want to know where is my DSL. She of course told me what I have been told for over a month. I told here I am tired of hearing the same thing agian and agian and I do not belive Verizon is doing anything to fix my service. She told me there is nothin to do but wait so I told here no, I am done waiting and cancel the service. She was ok sir I am now transfering you to the retention department, I then got the standard office is closed message and please call agian later. Furious.
Will call customer support tommorow.

- Verizon H8er ID: E5B95F

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