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02/28/06 | 3:06AM
To Hell with verizon and their CEO, that c-sucking Phil Lattio.

Three weeks ago, April 28th,2005, my DSL stopped working yet the phone line is fine. The tech never showed for the first appointment and I lost wages waiting for the idiot. Then I spend another 3 hours over 4 days on the phone, troubleshot with 3 morons and was promised a new modem. They sent the wrong one. It arrived at 2 PM not early AM as I was promised. Unable to submit my classwork nor download my test packets I was screwed. Another 3 hours over 5 days on the phone and another missed tech appointment yesterday and now I'm up to 7.4 hours on the phone and 16 hours of lost work. Not counting the 3 classes I failed to submit work with nor the time on the phone taking time away from peaceful happy endeavors. Today is the 11th of May and some freakin' yahoo tells me my trouble ticket of the 9th of May shows the 16th as the next day to look into my connectivity problems. What total arseholes. Other neighbors in my prefix are not experiencing problems. How hard can it be to get someone out here to fix it? If I had other choices, I'd tell them to sodomize themselves and take my business elsewhere. Most if not all the gomers I've spoke with are incompetent boobs. I am so freakin' sick of hearing, "I'm sorry you're having trouble and I apologize for any problems" Yea Right! I had better take a lude before I run over the next verizon DSL van I pass. To Hell with verizon and their CEO, that c-sucking Phil Lattio.

- Verizon H8er ID: 3CD30B

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