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02/28/06 | 3:07AM
highlights over the span of 4 months for my situation

Here are the highlights over the span of 4 months for my situation: 1. Had a consistent average of $85.00 for my phone/DSL bill from Verizon for about 10 years. 2. Then, had a bill for $3700.00 in International calls to the same town in Mexico, after telling them I heard people speaking Spanish every time I picked up the phone and suggested it was a crossed line/a crime. 3. Was told by Verizon, that the calls were made from my shitty apartment and I had to pay it and it would crash my credit rating if I did not. 4. Had my long-distance suspended without my knowledge or approval. 5. Was lied to by the repair department, saying they did not come to my apartment, but the business office said they did and saw no problem with the line. 6. Spent hours of time, money and effort to call Verizon, only to find I’m still responsible for the charges. 7. Wrote to certified letters, both were unanswered by Verizon. 8. Was told by Verizon that I exhausted every department in Verizon including modem high jacking, fraud, and need to call the FCC. 9. Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the FCC, Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the government of Harrisburg, Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the consumer protection office, etc. 10. Talked to attorneys; stressed about my credit rating; stressed about not getting responses from a multi-billion corporation that’s out of control. 11. Had the bill adjusted 4 months later, after my state capital, PA, was involved. 12. The aftermath: They will not respond to who did the “investigation”, tell me if it will happen again, and what the hell happened!!! This is a monopoly. This is a corporation accused of fraud, breech of anti-trust laws, and corruption. I work with 400 people and will be damned if I don’t broadcast to everyone that Verizon tried to make me pay for a felony crime. Unconscionable! Rage against the machine muther fuker!

- Verizon H8er ID: 14E7EA

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02/02/15 | 7:53AM
I read that 75-90 percent of Verizon bills are inaccurate. Wow, sorry for what you went through!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 59E5CC

03/08/19 | 0:18AM
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