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04/12/13 | 17:56PM
It's A Contract, No It's Not A Contract

I recently had an experience with Verizon that was completely insane. My grandfather pays for our internet service and we had Alltel until it was bought by Verizon. Under Alltel we had unlimited data for $60 a month. Verizon at first said that our data would be limited. Well my grandpa told them that we would look into other options then and they said oh wait no we can offer you unlimited for the same price just like you had under Alltel. So my grandpa agreed to the contract over the phone and we thought everything would be fine. When we activated the service they said they were having problems activating it because the type of plan we were on did not exist. So at first they said we would only get 20gb. They tried to activate that and it still did not work. Then they said we would get the 10gb plan. That again still did not work so they then said we would only get 8gb of data. At this point I said it seems like you guys are trying to scam us and then I said that my grandpa signed a legal binding contract. The guy checked the computer then said oh yep sorry yes you guys did sign a contract and I will activate your service now and put in a change order to get you unlimited service. Next month we get the bill and it is close to $300. Looking at the bill they had put us on a limited data plan, had retroactively charged us for internet service when we were still under the Alltel plan and broke the terms of their own contract. I got on the phone for my grandpa and talked to a customer service representative for around 2 to 3 hours and got nowhere. She said that it was not a contract and that she does not know how we think that we were on the unlimited plan. I even faxed a copy of the contract and then she said that it was the old plan that I was seeing. Problem was the effective date of the contract was when the Alltel contract ended. So I got very frustrated because she was giving me the runaround like crazy, even lying to me and saying it was not a contract. Finally I got so frustrated I told my grandpa to talk to this lady. After she explained that it was not a contract, lying again, he said well if it's not a contract then I can cancel the service for free, correct? Of course then it was a contract and the cancellation fee was very much legitimate. My grandpa then hung up on her because he got so frustrated. He went up to the Verizon store the next day, they said they were sympathetic to his situation but that he would have to pay the overage charges because that's just how Verizon works. So my grandpa called the corporate line again and this time asked to speak to a supervisor. This lady was much nicer and more polite than the lowly customer service rep and told my grandpa that she would credit his account and put him on the unlimited plan right away. The next month's bill came and once again there were overage charges so he called again and spoke to a supervisor again, again she apologized and said he would receive a credit. The last month's bill that he got finally had him on the unlimited plan and for now it looks like we will be getting unlimited data at the same price we had under Alltel. I even told the original customer service rep that Verizon is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with and that she had the customer service skills of a government employee. She was extremely patronizing and even told me at one point that a certain part of the bill was not important and I did not have to pay attention to it. This part of the bill showed that they switched the service to unlimited, switched back and then switched like 8 other times between unlimited and a bunch of other service plans. I really think that if Verizon continues these practices they will suffer a lot of lost profit and customers. I personally will never do business with Verizon myself and my grandpa has said that even though we are now on the unlimited data plan he will find a different company once the current contract expires. This is just completely bad business practice and horrible customer service. Verizon is a horrible company and should really have a reality check. Honestly we could have taken Verizon to court over the broken contract but we also knew that they had a lot more money than us and the best lawyers money can buy. Luckily we got it worked out so far, we will see if they try any other shady practices with our internet service over the 2 year contract. I recommend that no one ever do business with Verizon if they can help it. They are only in it for the money and they will lie to extra money out of their customers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5D982C

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04/25/13 | 2:52AM
I just read your story and I completely sympathize. Recently, Verizon extended my contract out of the blue. A lowly customer service rep. told me they don't do that. Really? Well, they did. I'm canceling and will never do any kind of business with them ever again. I refuse to pay any cancelation fee & will take them to small claims. Wonder if I'll win? I think so, considering that my old contract wasn't up for two weeks and my TV isn't programming correctly. It's all documented.

Josi - Verizon H8er ID: 18463F

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AvdeyVoisk - Verizon H8er ID: BD47EC

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