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04/18/13 | 16:56PM
Lied to 3 times

When I first called to order DSL service I was told by the salesman during my order that the activation fee would be waived and that the first bill I would receive was for ~$50. The first bill I received was ~$100 and the activation fee was not waived. There were the first two lies. When I asked them about this they were surprised the salesman told me that the activation fee would be waived and assured me that it didn't happen.

I requested to cancel my service and was told I would have to pay the ~$100 a few times. I refused and called back and eventually they said something like "Oh you were within the 30 day trial period so you won't have to pay the ~$100 bill all money will be refunded." This was the third lie. I then a month later received a bill for $50. I was told that this is appropriate and the "30 day trial period" is for the contract and that I would still have to pay. The agent however was able to give me a $20 activation fee credit, or so she said. I just logged in to still see that I owe $50, whether or not that will change or I was lied to a 4th time we'll have to just find out.

I recommend recording all your phone calls (I wish that I had up until now) because what verizon is doing is illegal and they can be prosecuted for it if you have proof of them lying to you. If you use Android there is an app called "Record My Call" you can use to record all your phone calls.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 491526

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04/04/19 | 13:52PM

Imillamn - Verizon H8er ID: 6D7AFB

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