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04/25/13 | 2:35AM
The lie, steal and we let them!

I suggest we go to the Media such as Dateline, Huffington Post and local & Internet Newspapers. I already have several people willing to tell their Verizon horror stories. This is the worst company in the TV and internet business. I thought Dish was bad. I also suggest going to your state's public utilities commission. I've already written to mine. Verizon lies to the customers and are encouraged to do so. They ignore problems and hike your bill for no reason. I have never received the same bill amount monthly and recently they extended my contract illegally for another year. The first time, they extended my contract because "their" DVD boxes weren't recording my movies. The TVs are still not working properIy, freezing, blacking out, not recording programs I've set. I am canceling Verizon and will take them to small claims court if they bill me. Verizon workers are already filing a class action lawsuit for the way they are treated and told to ignore problem customers (customers with problems) and to lie to the customers so they'll go away. It's outrageous! I will go to whomever will help me because Verizon ignores me. I suggest you take your auto pay off, otherwise--they will help themselves to your money without your knowledge or consent. When you're on Auto Pay, your consent is automatic. So take it off ASAP. It takes two cycles until it's completely removed. Because of an illness, I've been unable to deal with the hours and hours it takes to argue with people that will not let me talk to supervisors. Maybe they'll make time for the Attorney General or someone with power.

Josi Pastora - Verizon H8er ID: EC76D3

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05/03/13 | 23:51PM
Go complain to Martha Coakley's office if you are in Massachusetts!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 157D76

05/08/13 | 18:43PM
I'm in California, unfortunately. If anyone can give me a name for Southern California, please let me know.

Thank you so much.

Josi - Verizon H8er ID: EC76D3

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