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05/17/13 | 2:17AM
Fios Grabage

I ordered Fios. box came in mail yesterday, waited for email that service was ready, came this morning. Tried set up and it didn't work. Called support and although I was not on hold, was basically 90 minutes of silence while rep was on other side and we waited for a "NT". Finally support rep said someone would call me tonight.. Waited 2 hours until 9pm.. no call.

In meantime, I called my cable TV and scheduled install for tomarrow. I have had service from them for 8 years at my last house and they rock. Was a 5 minute call.

I called Verizon to cancel and mail the Internet router back.. I navigate Verizons awful phone system, selecting billing, rep answers by saying "I don't see that you have phone service" as first words instead of "Hello". I tell him I need to cancel, internet.. he transfers and phone rings for 3 minutes straight and I hang up.

I call back, try to get some form of customer service...not sure which department I was in. I asked to speak to a supervisor.. rep says why... I explain I want to cancel my service.. he says no... I start swearing.. he says hold on I will get a supervisor. I wait.. 10 minutes go by... I hang up.

I am going to mail box back with UPS return label. If they bill me, I am going to have my bank reverse charges. I am sure this is all going to be a pain in the butt.

I had Verizon Cell service 10 years ago and it was just as bad, not sure why I gave them another chance.

There is absolutely no channel to cancel service on Verizon website. Verzizon is only about Billing customer, they could care less if you hate them or have bad experience. They just want you on monthly service so they can bill and bill.. stay away from Verizon

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CE267E

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10/24/13 | 14:05PM
You should have had a tech to perform install. Most self installs are unsuccessful and there is no additional cost for tech install.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EBD1A1

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