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05/20/13 | 21:35PM
Sharon Transue

This is a copy of the letter sent to the BBB. I have never been so enraged at the customer service of any other company! Verizon is a nightmare!!

I became a customer of Verizon in March of 2013. At that time I had signed on for telephone and internet service.

From the day my service was activated it has been inadequate. I was unable to access certain websites, send e-mail, and general dysfunctional service. In attempting to rectify the problem, I contacted Verizon and found the customer service and technical support was a maze of confusion and frustration which literally kept me on hold for hours. The language barrier made it impossible to attempt any on phone technical assistance. After several attempts to correct the problem, technicians were sent to my home. Service calls are scheduled in an eight hour window. After being forced to take time off from work I arranged to have technicians come to my home. The adjustments done at that time have not corrected any of the above problems.
After several further attempts to correct the service, I received a call on 04/30/2013 stating adjustments were made in the “central office” to help with my connection which resulted in no internet signal what so ever. My attempts to reconnect with the person doing said “adjustments” were impossible. On May 1 a “supervisor” contacted me; I conveyed to him, I was without service since the “central office” adjustments were done. I requested he call me back as I am unable to contact him, I have still not received a call back. Once again I was forced into a call center and be the subject inadequate and time consuming support attempts. I was offered in home technical assistance which would result in further lost wages.
I have opted to switch providers and am now at a standstill due to a pending “work order” which remains in Verizon’s system. This is preventing my new provider from porting over my phone number. As a result I am unable to secure service with the new provider. I am now completely without internet service as my service through Verizon, has not functioned for over a week.
In short, my experience with Verizon has been an absolute nightmare. I have lost wages not to mention the consumption of my personal time and the inability to attend to my personal, home, and business affairs such as banking, e-mail communication. I have no intention of paying for the service provided thus far, and would like this letter to support my reasons why. I am asking that the content of this letter be reviewed and appropriate action be taken.

Sharon Transue - Verizon H8er ID: A4ABED

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05/24/13 | 1:09AM
Go to your cable TV provider. MUCH better internet service. Verizon SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Can I say it any better?????

Former Verizon Tech AND manager - Verizon H8er ID: 103B75

02/25/19 | 22:01PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: D51037

03/26/19 | 0:54AM
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gilbertsw1 - Verizon H8er ID: 9070D5

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