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05/30/13 | 19:31PM
They sent me a bill that cost more to send than it was worth

Last month was my last month on Verizon after waiting a painful two years for a damn contract to expire. They were helpful when I signed up, and very nice. As soon as I signed the contract, I got nothing. I'd go into a store and be asked to leave. Literally, a clerk would ask me how they could help me. I'd say I want to get another phone line added to my account, and the clerk would actually demand that I leave the store. I'm pretty young, so I guess I don't look like I can afford a cell phone from their premium service.

Once I got online support and asked why their service sucks. I wanted a plan and they told me it would cost around $100/mo. I asked for a cheaper plan, and asked why they charged so much and required I buy features I don't want. The representative said that their plans cost so much because that is "what Verizon feels they are worth". They told me that I must not be good enough to have such a plan. WHAT THE HELL? Have you ever heard of customer satisfaction?

One time last year they cancelled my texting plan. I don't quite know why. When I called at 6PM, I was left on hold for FIVE HOURS. Finally, at 11PM, I checked on my computer and noticed their support lines closed two hours prior, at 9PM. They left me on hold for three hours, then, when they closed, left me indefinitely. I wonder, if I had stayed on the line overnight, if they would have picked up in the morning.

Last month my contract was up. I got a new plan. Not a new phone, since I already had an ATT phone. I'm paying $25/mo, with no contract. I got a bill in the mail last week from Verizon. On the top of the thick packet of legal rubbish was stamped the postage cost. It was over two dollars. Guess how much the bill was for? Nine cents. I paid it straight away. With nine pennies in an envelope. Cost me 44 cents, or however much it costs to mail an envelope. Whatever that goes for these days. Still no word on whether they got it.

Sam Abbington - Verizon H8er ID: 7C050C

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