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06/02/13 | 23:31PM
Not Only Did They Lie To Me, They Lied On ME!

I paid $125 deposit for FIOS service that I was supposed to receive in 12 months. I was making my payments on-time (paperless billing) and all of a sudden, my payments were late?? They changed my bill cycle and due date and I did not realize it because I was paperless. HOW do customer's supposed to know this happened when they are paperless! You go online and make your usual payment on the due date. After a year, I called and asked about my deposit. After being transferred three times they told me that they could not find it! Finally, a fourth person was able to find it and advised that after three on-time payments, my account would be re-evaluated and the deposit would refund. No refund. I complained to the BBB and the Executive Analyst Amara was more interested in canceling my service than resolving my issue. When I asked her about smaller data plans, she advised that they had a $49.99 3Mbps plan but it required credit card auto-pay. I told her I'd think about it but asked if I canceled, would the deposit address the final bill with the rest sent back to me. Answer. Yes. I called back about the plan and no representative could help me; stating there was no such plan?! I made my on-time payments and still no refund. When I complained to the BBB, the same Analyst, Amara told the BBB that I hadn't been current for 2 years! She lied on me. Didn't bother to tell them they changed my bill cycle and due date, and definitely failed to tell them that they hold posting online payments up to 5 days though they took the money from my bank account! I have since canceled service, paid what I felt I owed as the final bill minus proration credit and guess what? They bill me $13.90 for monthly charges they claim they held when my bill cycle was changed!!! My final bill has printed and I still don't have my deposit! These people need to be fined and sued out of business!

Anonymous. - Verizon H8er ID: B2F9A0

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