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06/03/13 | 23:28PM
Unfair charges

My mom recently went overseas. Prior to going I had seen on verizon's website how to turn off the mobile data on my mom's phone as well as having made sure the global data roaming was set to deny.
When she got back Verizon sent a bill for over $1000. She texted this to me when I was at work and I immediately googled the issue to see if it had happened to others and how severely.

We later called Verizon's wonderful (sarcasm) customer service. We told them the issue, questioned how it was our fault if we had followed their website's instructions to the dot, and asked how we could resolve it even offering them to backdate the $25 data plan just to put it past us since we did what their website told us. All they did was say they had sent out text messages. She never got a single text. They then kept saying that the bill was accurate and we had to pay up.

We asked for a manager and they sent us to their supervisors (sales reps with a glorified title). They fed us the same nonsense. We then asked for the manager and were told we'd receive a call back within 24-48 hours. Never did. Three days later we called them again and the same thing happened with the supervisor saying we'll get a call back within 24-48 hours. Again never did. Called back another 3 days later and the same shit.

All they did that time was tell us that we had prior knowledge because I had stated the term "bill shock". My response was that I had googled the situation and the supervisor simply stated you knew what was happening.

Verizon has got to be the shittiest fucking company on the face of this earth. The fact that they treat their customers like this is pathetic. We just tried again and let's see what this POS company states now. Fuck you verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E88801

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06/22/13 | 3:39AM
If mobile data was in fact turned off, then how did you even use it to accrue any charges? That does not make logical sense. If you do not use it, it would not be used to be charged for. So this makes me think you DID use data overseas, thats why you have usage overseas to be charged for. So you are wrong maybe you should tell your mother to learn a thing about Honesty. Maybe it was in error and she did not know. Then maybe she should not be using a smartphone with that ability. Or learn how to use it properly.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3E8BCA

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