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06/07/13 | 15:09PM
Fraud Account NOT cancelled after correct procedures

My identity has been stolen to open up several accounts (
Amazon credit card, ChaseVisa credit cards, etc). The only company I have had problems with canceling a fraud account is Verizon...surprise surprise! So, Verizon sends my father a bill for $500 under my maiden last name (that I haven't used since my marriage in November 2011) in April 2013. My father also lives in Georgia. I haven't lived in Georgia since 2009, so that is 4 years on my own in Washington state nowhere near my parents in Atlanta -- I even have a WA driver's license with my married name on it. As soon as my father tells me about this mysterious bill, I call Verizon Wireless and am connected to the fraud department. They tell me they suspended the acct and that I need to fax them over a copy of a police report that explicitly states that my SSN has been stolen to open a "Verizon Wireless Account" and to fax over a copy of my driver's license within a week. If I didn't do all of that, I would be responsible for the bill.....so, I fax all the required information over to the fraud department the next morning. I call the fraud department and ask if they have received all the information so they could cancel the account. The woman said "Yes, we have received all information and we are closing the account now. No further action is required". So I think the fraud account has been closed and I go on my merry way. Well, WRONG! I was talking to my father last night and he said that he got another Verizon bill to the tune of 400 dollars in May 2013 (after the account was so called closed and suspended)........If they had really closed the account with all that stupid hassle they put me through, why is my father still receiving bills?! I use ATnT for my cell service! VERIZON SUCKS. I am calling them today to raise hell.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 219102

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03/08/19 | 7:08AM
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timwi18 - Verizon H8er ID: F7B1D2

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