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06/21/13 | 14:04PM
Given 2 different price plans for same thing.

I had the internet with Verizon months ago. 5g for $50 a month. I didn't need it at the time and cancelled it costing me a cancellation fee. AFter about 5 months I need internet. Verizon is the only thing I can get where I live. SO when i called to suspend a phone( I had 2 through Verizon) ( had lost one) for a day the lady was great about saying she could do all that. Then I ask about getting my internet service back on and she says well we don't have your plan anymore. It now cost $60 for 4g. So i say okay i will do without it for now.
Yesterday I call to have the internet turned back on thinking Imma get screwed by paying more for less G's and have a 2 year contract.
I tell them I had a USB modem already and wanted to reconnect my internet. The guy says no problem. He reconnects it with the same plan I had before and tells me that it will not be on cotract so if I want to cancel it or don't need it to just suspend it for $5 a month until I need it again. There won't be a cancellation fee if i cancel altogther but there would be a $35 connection fee. Then he ask if I want an antennae to get better service. I have been trying to geo ne for years and i get the run around and when I finally was able to get something i was told it would be about $80 bucks. This guy tells me it is $30 and I can get it for $22.
Now I am happy about getting exatly what I had before but WHY did one person tell me that it would cost me more a month and then this guy gives me exactly what I had before when the first person said they didn't even offer that plan anymore!!!!!!And when I called to cancel in the first place the girl offered to get me a cheaper plan ( i didn't ask about it)
I think they can do what ever you need or want but try to upsell everything so they can make more money. I haven't ever had any real negative things to say about CS but this price plan and changing thnigs and gouging is crazy!!!! I think if they think you can afford to pay more then they are going to try to get you out of what they can.
I am sure that if I really wanted a smartphone with internet access I could probably call a few times and get it for damn near nothing!!!
So I have learned that if one person does not satisfy what you need or want hang up and call again and try a different person and change your story up a bit to see if you can get a better deal!!!I have even been in the store and seen the sales person call in to the call center and hang up and call again to get someone else.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0613EA

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06/21/13 | 14:06PM
Also I cancelled one phone to go to prepaid and online it would have sot me about 85 and I went to the store and it only cost me 23.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0613EA

01/02/19 | 6:05AM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: 3351E7

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