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06/27/13 | 8:28AM
No service_no response

We have been without landline and dsl service for 3 weeks; they keep telling us dates it will be fixed by and then move the dates.
The only way we find out is by sitting on hold with our cellphones for a very long time while a rep reads a script. Apparently they never heard of putting something in the mail or putting up notices in affected areas.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 601944

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06/28/13 | 2:39AM
Its because Verizon hates you. Maybe you should not go to a cell phone company for your internet and home phone ad such.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3F2843

07/06/13 | 18:40PM
Verizon does not care about it's remaining copper wireline broad band pots line customer. They are waiting for enough people to transfer to FIOS then sell off the remaining copper plant and customers.

Alot of Dsl and broadline was sold using copper plant that barely could transmit dialtone let alone data. After divestiture in the 1980s neither the techs or management gave two craps about quality service or workmanship. The priority shifts of reducing budgets and increasing productivity at the sametime festered ALOT of attitude and poor work.

The problem is with copper wireline is that there are decades of problems to fix. In less than a mile of cable there are multiple sections/spans that need replacement or repair. The remaining copper techs do little to locate and fix copper wire trouble. Unfortunetley they spend just as much time rearranging the existing plant to get good copper to your house. Between poor training and management policy they can't even locate & fix trouble if they wanted to.

Does not do squat for being the customer and victim of over extended repair times. Report Verizon to your state utility regulators and Federal Communications Commission. Since you bought an optional service report them to the local better business bureau. 3 weeks out of service is worth at least one months credit.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 90486C

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